Tutorax offers an in-home tutoring service for students from primary school to university covering all subjects.


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We offer each students a personalized support in order to consolidate their learning and develop their study strategies. The role of the tutor is to help the student improve his or her performance, but also to increase confidence and academic motivation.



Homework help

This service allows students to have tutoring sessions on a weekly basis. Due to its repetitive follow-up, it provides the benefits of following the student progress and to fix his/her difficulties as soon as they appear.

Test/Exam preparation

This service allows the student to meet with a tutor a few days before the exam to clarify his / her misunderstandings and be well prepared. In addition, the tutor will make a revision plan that synthesize the notions.

Remedial support

This service is offered to students with academic difficulties in one or more subjects. Through daily or weekly meetings with a tutor, the student will have the opportunity to counter his / her difficulties by reviewing all the concepts he / she has not assimilated. This will enable him to make up for his academic delay. In addition, this service is a great benefit to students–athletes who misses many classes.

Summer courses

This service is offered to students following summer courses in order to supervise them  towards their success. Our tutors are trained to motivate your children and help them with their difficulties. Summer courses can suit students who barely passed a course and feel the need to strengthen their knowledge before their next semester. Consolidating their learning will help them start the following year with confidence.

Semi-private tutoring

Semi-private tutoring offers the possibility to book one tutor for a small group of students. This option can be applied to all our tutoring services and offers special rates depending on the size of the group.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is done via a web platform that integrates an interactive whiteboard, document sharing, audio/video communication and much more.The virtual classroom thus allows an interaction between the tutor and the student in addition to giving the student the opportunity to work directly on his homework’s.



EVALUATE: We start with a phone call during which we discuss the student’s needs.

MATCH: At Tutorax, each student is matched by one of our pedagogical advisors whose responsibility is to contact the tutors close to the student and choose the best tutor according to her/his needs.

WORK: During tutoring sessions, the tutor will help the student consolidate his or her learning and develop study and organizational strategies.

ASSIST: Our team is always there to support you. We carry out follow-ups to ensure that the sessions run smoothly and that the student’s progress is monitored.


Choose the service that meets your needs



20 hours

1 FREE hour (40$)

30 hours

3 FREE hours (120$)

40 hours

5 FREE hours (200$)




85% of Tutorax students see an improvement in their academic performance after 5 lessons.


95% of Tutorax students see an improvement in their academic performance after 12 lessons.


Get your tutor in less than 7 days.


More than 600 qualified tutors.


More than 4500 students assisted in Canada.


99% of parents would recommend us to a relative and use Tutorax again if the need arises.



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How often and for how long are the lessons held?

At Tutorax, there is no obligation to work a certain number of hours. Each student has different needs so you are free to adapt the frequency and duration according to what is best for your child.

How does billing work?

Payments are made via credit card. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

Are the services eligible for tax deduction?

Yes, tutoring services are eligible for tax deductions. In addition, a portion of the costs related to our services may be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  We suggest that you contact your insurer or accountant for more information.

How long does it take before I get my first tutoring lesson?

Tutorax undertakes to find you a tutor within 5-7 days after the date on which you have completed your request.