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    I am very happy with the English tutoring sessions my daughter receives. Her tutor is very conscientious of Latifa’s needs and she suggests additional exercises before exams. Latifa also gained confidence and it helped her with other subjects. It’s impressive for a teenager who was reticent about the idea of having a tutor.

    Hanna Anderson

    Our tutor Stefanie is extraordinarily patient. With her gentleness, she managed to help our little Chloe. Our daughter no longer hides her misunderstandings and it made it possible to catch up her delay. She’s now doing very well in her maths class.

    Michael G.

    Tutorax came to rescue us the day before an exam. In less than 24 hours, my son was able to meet a tutor to clarify certain notions for his exam. He got 85%! I therefore strongly suggest them to all parents and children in distress for an exam. They provide a professional and efficient service!

    Taylor C..

    The tutoring sessions meet my expectations. We started with help in science, then Rose asked us for a tutor in mathematics. Tutorax paired us with Lydia and we work together weekly. Lydia has become a friend of the family!

    Andrew Ross

    I am very satisfied with the sessions with Coralie. My boy gets along very well with with her and I’m sure he will make a lot of progress. We will keep you informed of its progress!

    Sophia D..

    Never would I have believed one day hearing my daughter ask me to do an extra hour of homework! Yet it happened at the first tutoring session. Her tutor Arielle is amazing and we can’t be more grateful for her help!

    Julie T..

    The tutoring sessions with Justin allowed my son Christopher to be admitted to the two private schools, Jean-Eudes College and Regina Assumpta College. In addition, we would like to thank all the team who worked with our tutor to create additional exercises for Christopher. We can never thank you enough for all your work!

    Simon B..

    I am very satisfied with the service offered by Tutorax. In addition to being an investment for my daughter’s future, this has allowed her to increase her esteem. Her average in Maths has drastically increased from 61% to 82%. Thank you so much !

    Isabelle L..

    Hello, I am satisfied with the service and my daughters appreciate working with Chanel.

    Anthony Monaco

    Oliver arrived very prepared for the first meeting. During our conversation, I had told him that my boy was an addict of the tablet. He came up with proposals for applications following research he had done.

    James S..